"The Six Best Doctors in the World are:  Sunshine, Rest, Exercise, Diet, Self-esteem, and Friends. Keep them in all stages of your life and you will enjoy a healthy life...!"

Charles Chaplin


What are flower essences?

It has been said that flowers have a lot of gifts for us. Apart from their beauty and fragrance, they also carry vibrational energy, that has been harnessed and applied for many years now. Using flowers to heal was practiced even by the ancient Egyptians. In the West, one of the first practitioners was Dr. Edward Bach, a British physician. The healing they provide is subtle, and gentle. According to the Fes flowers website, “…flower essences impact the subtle energy fields of the soul to affect physical well-being.”

How do they work?

There are no ‘flowers’ in flower essences. What you have is the life force, the consciousness of the flower, that is achieved by steeping the flowers in water and sunlight, and then preparing that water for further use. The work with the body’s vibrational energies, and are safe for use for everyone. Flower essences can assist us in working with our conditioned mental, emotional and behavioral patterns, which are deep set in our subconscious, so that we can truly experience transformation in all areas of our lives.

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What is reiki?

A Japanese technique, the word Reiki is made of two words - Rei which means "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" and Ki which is "life force energy". Thus, Reiki means "spiritually guided life force energy."

The concept of ki or life energy is a worldwide phenomenon – Chi in China, Prana in India, and biofield energy in  Science. This is an unseen energy that flows through all living things and directly affects the quality of health and one’s sense of well-being. 

How does it work?

A good description comes from the International Center for Reiki training that describes Reiki as a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy. Thus, it retunes or rejuvenates the life force energy.

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What is family constellation?

Imagine your family as a literal constellation, and your juxtaposition and patterns with each other. Your movements within it. Some planets, some stars – not literally – but to say you are all separate beings in one network. The family constellation is a powerful method to help you recognize difficult entanglements, both in your family of origin as well as in your present family or relationship. The healer will see your constellation, but as energies or presence.

The family is just used as an example, but this method can be applied to any situation where people work together. For instance, it can help companies, smaller businesses, and even teams etc. to understand their dynamics, establish a better flow and harmony and ultimately help businesses achieve their goals.

How does it work?

I will work on the energies in the constellation, and make solution-oriented interventions to foster understanding, and allow understanding to flow again between the presences of the constellation. Hidden dynamics will be brought into the light, freed and readjusted, and missing or excluded constellations members will come back in. It reignites love and understanding in the unit.

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What is archetype healing from Colin Bloy?

An archetype is the geometrical form of the energy in your aura or etheric body. An archetype healer uses this ‘archetype’ or tool to examine your aura, your energy, past and karmic loads – in fact everything that makes up the physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual network of the person. Called ‘sacred geometry’, every individual has unique archetype blueprints that he or she was born with it. The health and archetypal shape of this condensed energy is what the healer examines and if necessary, reconstructs, to restore it.

This restorative process increases vital energy, alleviates depression, clarifies thought, sparks and accelerates healing, and ultimately can help find the way to harmony and inner peace.

This healing can be done remotely and does not require a face to face interaction, as the healer works on the etheric body which is not visible to many.

How does it work?

The healer will examine your unique energy configuration, either in person or remotely. In absolutely simple terms – this healing will retune your negative energy to positive. In this way, you will be balanced, harmonious and healed. This method is especially useful for revealing and healing old and hidden traumas, and even goes beyond.


What is house energy balancing?

We have all heard of ancient systems that establish how and in which orientation dwellings should be designed and objects placed.

Called Feng Shui, Vastu Shastra, Plana Bagua etc., they all work with one goal - to optimize the energy flow in the house to enable and support the spiritual, emotional, physical and financial wellbeing of its dwellers, or to achieve certain goals.

How does it work?

I use my energy flow skills to weigh the energy balance in your dwelling - home and/or office and ‘reset’ it.

Why? Our homes carry our energy imprints - positive and negative both- and our spaces are ‘charged’ by these emotions. I clear out the negativity and reestablish the positive balance so that the dwelling is once again harmonious and in equilibrium. This has many positive impacts on sleep, relations and general mood of the house.

For this, I would only need a representation of your house / apartment. A simple, proportional line drawing labeled with the functions of the room. You don’t have to make it professional- I just need a sense of the layout.

You can send me a photo of it or, if you have it, I can also use the architectural plan of your house/apartment.
I will go room by room through the house and clean and reset the energies present.