“It only serves to show what sort of person a man must be who can't even get testimonials. No, no; if a man brings references, it proves nothing; but if he can't, it proves a great deal.”       

Joseph Pulitze


“I always come back to you because I find kindness, closeness and above all a lot of sincerity and wisdom in your work.”

Gemma, England

For me a guide and light there when you need it.

Berta - Spain

“It has been for me a wonderful experience that I will repeat. I thank you.”

Lorena, USA


“Joyce and I kind of “stumbled” per coincidence into a healing therapy session. We were just hanging out and talking about this and that, when Joyce – in her incredibly empathic way - sensed some minor emotional problems that could need some attention and pampering, before they grow into bigger ones. She offered a combination of healing essences, described the effect of each flower essence in detail and just nailed what I was subconsciously looking for. While I was originally quite skeptical about this form of treatment, but still curious to try, I have been completely blown away by the positive effects. It´s Joyce´s intuitive and sensitive approach, her deep knowledge of energy healing and especially her true caring for the wellbeing of her patients that does the wonder.”

Anna, Austria  

"At a time where I had a lot of stress and didn’t sleep well at all and therefore wasn’t my real self during the day either, a friend told me about his experience with Joyce and her Bachblüten approach. I decided to try it & have to say that I was very surprised by the impact it provided. Within a few weeks it helped me immensely to sleep better & together with some other things I changed in the course (more routine and sport) moved back to my normal self. Really cool! Thanks a lot Joyce!!”

Wolfgang, Austria

“Thank you for the flower essence bottle for my daughter. She was going through a pre-teen friendship group break-up and feeling isolated. You understood very well that there was much more complex issues and your questions during the therapy sessions helped to dig deeper into these issues. The flower essences were well received by my daughter and I noticed a change in her approach and attitude and she became less reclusive and made new friends. Thank you Joyce!”  

Harvir, Canada

“You bring me light, calm. When everything is crossed, coming makes me turn 180 degrees. I appreciate that no matter how full your agenda, when I’m low, you always find the time for me in the same week. You are a great support and the only person with whom the flower essences work for me (and the only one I recommend).”

Anais, Spain


“I was skeptical about energy healing but my friend’s experience led me to try it. After a healing with Joyce, I experienced a profound change. I woke up one morning with the feeling that I’ve shed my skin, almost like a snake. The sensation was so real that I looked back in my bed to see if something was there! I request her for ‘retuning’ from time to time, and I feel its positive effects each time, without fail. She is a very empathetic, kind person who is gifted at what she does, with utmost sincerity.”

J.M.B, India

“The reason why I come to you is because you inspire confidence and wisdom. I feel that you have a gift and have a special pure heart. Your energy comforts me.”

Paqui, Spain

"I like the session very much and it says a lot about you that you remember who I am when I call you to make an appointment.”

Isabel, Spain

“I come back to Joyce because it is through tarot, or through signs of the universe, that I do therapy. I come back for her clarity in information. If there's any suggestion, I would say it could be longer because of its richness and depth, and because of its therapeutic interest.”

Montse, Spain

“I have felt very comfortable with you, you have understood me a lot and I have seen myself reflected in your cards and everything you have told me. I'm leaving being much more relaxed and peaceful. I'll be back, thank you very much.” 

Sandra, Holland


“I have felt good and very comfortable with you. You are a great explainer with a lot of intelligence.”

Anna, Holland

“I come back from time to time because what Joyce tells me goes very well when I hit a speed bump in the year. She gives me peace of mind and encouragement.”

Angy, England

“Your card reading makes me come back. The confidence and the love that you give, your gift makes everything right and I would add your sweet way of telling things.”

Myriam, Belgium 

“I always repeat because the Year Wheel Spread allows me 2 things. To see from a general and external perspective my journey. Then to process, center and internalize the information and think about what is really essential for me. It helps me to reason from the outside in.”

Diana, Italy