“Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” - Anatole France

I started working with dogs when we adopted our dog in Barcelona in 2014.  Lola was a shelter dog and had several traumas. She had been abandoned at 7 months and had already spent two months in the shelter. I used my knowledge of flower remedies to help her overcome her traumas, and also heal her physical injuries and post-operative recovery.

With the success I saw, I was encouraged to offer my services as a volunteer to dog shelters in both the US and Spain.

At this point, I have many furry four-legged clients, and very happy doggie parents! My success has been showcased in clinical cases in the magazines published by FES, and will be included in course studies for Findhorn.

Diagnosing and helping our four-legged friends requires input of a different sort, but I would be happy to discuss how flower remedies can help your little ones.


“Phoebus was a different dog with the support of the flower remedy. He gained weight, handled his separation anxiety and adapted well to being with the dog sitter and her other dogs while we were not there.”

Jaya M.

“I still take great care when putting Nero together with other dogs or exposing him to other humans. I like to see him relaxed and playful as he is now after the 2 months of treatment, not reacting to every dog or person. I used to take Nero out alone, now I put him in the van and even if there is an internal fence, I can take him with other dogs - something I could not do before.”

Maria J. - Barcelona Dog Care

“Now, Tucu can live with other dogs, he has become sociable. Before we couldn't risk putting him together with other dogs because of what might happen.”


“I must say that the experience was a success from the beginning and over time, Joyce has developed different combinations depending on the type of dogs and the specific problem they manifested. Relations between my client dogs in the house have been harmonious and with a high level of tolerance towards each other. I found them particularly calm and more adaptable to the new routines that were obviously different from those they were used to normally.”

Juan Luis -  Personal Pet Care (BCN)